UK Catalogues with No Credit Checks


Catalogues with no credit checks are no longer avaliable in the UK for people looking to shop online with credit.  Don’t waste your time searching the internet; find all the catalogues that offer credit shopping to people who have poor credit right here. No credit check catalogues can no longer be found because a lot of companies don’t like to give customers credit without checking their credit score first. However a select few shopping catalogues will give you credit if you simply provide your recent banking statements. You can find all these catalogues right here as well as a number of other UK catalogues that offer financing for people with bad credit.


Our Selected Catalogues:

Find a selection of UK catalogues that offer a wide range of products. These catalogues offer a great range of financing options for you to spread the cost over weekly payments or monthly payments.

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For catalogues with no credit checks in the UK you are very limited and will often be subjected to higher interest charges. The catalogues above do require you to be credit checked but offer financing and good acceptance rates even to people with poor credit.


Payment Periods

Our selected catalogues offer their customers a number of different payment methods. You can pay any outstanding balances using a credit card or direct debt from your account. You can also spread the cost of your purchases over a number of monthly payments or weekly payments to suit your requirements.

Interest Charges

Customers looking for no credit check catalogues may be subject to higher interest rates than customer applying to catalogues with credit checks. This type of financing can be used to build your credit from bad to good when you meet all regular payments which will allow you to apply for credit elsewhere in the future.

Credit Customers

When people are looking for no credit check financing this usually means they have poor credit rating in the past. As long as you can show there is a constant source of income into the household using your bank statements you can apply through us. Meaning even people with bad credit can get accepted with one of our shopping catalogue accounts.